Aus Achiever Win09goldThe Australian Achiever Awards is an independent award system based on the results of surveys of a business' own customers. Bray Constructions won the award for Excellence in Customer Service in 2009 with a perfect score of 100%. In other years that Bray Constructions has entered the awards, we have attained the level of "Highly Recommended."

Here are some testimonials provided by our customers, courtesy of the Australian Achiever Awards:

In my opinion, they are the most outstanding builders around. They are extremely embracing of customer feedback and Lukas is brilliant. My motto is, "If you're going to do a building a project, it's Bray or no-one." They really want you to enjoy the process. I love that they are a true family business and all of them walk the talk.
I have found Bray Constructions to be really excellent and I've recommended them to everyone. The final presentation was beautiful. Everyone was very, very helpful throughout and very supportive and flexible. Lukas Bray was our contact point. He is incredibly mature for his age and does an amazing job dealing with a wide range of people and their needs.
Communication was the key with this very professional building firm, both written and verbal. They always made sure we knew who was on site and would always introduce any new tradies to us. They are people of integrity who still respond to any settling in problems which arise. In fact they come and action them the next day, which is usually very hard to get builders to do, after the work is completed and paid for.
We found Neville and his staff easy to deal with, and full of helpful suggestions. They are very professional, friendly, and very trustworthy. The house was finished early, to our amazement, and the quality was extremely good. We feel we got value for money. We have recommended them to several people and we would not build with anyone else. Their customer service was excellent and they have the customer’s best interest at heart at all times.
When I decided on some renovation work, a friend recommended me to Bray Constructions. Although the design that they came up with was more than I had initially budgeted for, I decided to fulfill my dream and go ahead. They kept me informed every step of the way and everyone involved was totally professional, polite, pleasant, attentive, obliging and they all went above and beyond what the contract said. They were all very prompt, respectful and entertaining and their customer service was excellent. I am more than happy with the end result and would recommend them highly.
I cannot fault Bray Constructions and I have recommended them to everyone. Every staff member and worker was helpful, polite, friendly, professional and very obliging. They all communicated very well and their customer service was brilliant. We wanted to build another storey and reconfigure the downstairs area. The job was completed in six months, the quality of the work was exceptional and we got real value for money.
I believe I have found the best builder in Melbourne. Fantastic communication and fantastic workmanship.
They were excellent to deal with. Outstanding communication. I think very highly of them and would refer them to anyone.
They are very customer focused. Committed and dedicated to the agreement and clients. There were no surprises. I am very satisfied.
I found them very easy to work with. We had stress free dealings. They are very open and honest. Great communication and excellent quality work.
Excellent quality work. They are great at resolving issues and are very good to deal with. Prompt service. The staff are wonderful. Good value.
They provided A1 service and work. Always pleasant and very professional attitude and manner. Excellent value.
We found the staff to be friendly and very helpful. They sourced out materials and advised us of accessories. They met our timeframe and were very accommodating and the quality of their work was very good.
I engaged Bray Constructions to build a relatively small job, although access was difficult they were very conscientious. They would call me every couple of days so I was well informed on progress. Everyone was very informative and any issues they would contact me, discuss it and then work around the problem. They were very competent, very professional and the price was as stated originally.

Bray Constructions

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