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Domestic / Home Building

Domestic Building and Home Building are generic terms used to describe any type of building work on residential homes or houses. Bray Constructions is qualified and appropriately registered to carry out building work on residential properties, as well as producing design and related documentation (eg plans and specification).

Major Home Transformations

Bray Constructions initially specialised in building extensions and renovations to existing homes. However, over time our building service has naturally grown to deliver bigger and bigger projects, to the point where often the results of our renovation and extension works appear more like new homes than renovated ones. Of course, these home transformations are generally seen at the higher end of the market and we are probably more regularly engaged to build more modest transformations that make just as much impact for the occupants.

Home Renovations
Bray Constructions offers a wealth of experience in home renovations, having carried out renovation projects since our business began in 1994. In days gone by we would build just about any renovation, however our current company structure makes us less competitive for projects under $100,000. If your renovation budget is anywhere upwards of that, then we’d love to speak with you about your project.
House Extensions
Bray Constructions has built countless home extensions in and around Melbourne over the years. We have a strong understanding of the potential pitfalls that sometimes present themselves and how to respond. While we are not really set up for smaller projects like decks and carports, we are more than happy to incorporate these into larger projects.
New Homes
Although Bray Constructions began primarily with extensions and renovations and we still maintain a strong presence in that field, we are also regularly engaged in the construction of new homes too. Our primary interest is in house construction, however we are positioned to offer a complete package which may also include architectural design, town planning permits, landscaping and swimming pools.
Townhouse Developments

Townhouse developments is something Bray Constructions has been actively involved in since around 2004 and we have now completed a number of successful townhouse projects. We are able to offer a full service including design, town planning, construction, landscaping, swimming pools and subdivision.

Multi-Unit Developments
Multi-unit developments is another service Bray Constructions has taken on more actively as the business has grown and the needs of our customers' change. Our experience in design, town planning, construction and landscaping aids with engaging in a minimum number of contractors to deliver your renovation or new development needs.
Architectural Design
Bray Constructions has long-standing relationships with leading architectural firms to design your next renovation, extension, or new home. Bray Constructions is also available to partner with your preferred architect to achieve your building needs. On occasion we have clients who are not really sure what design and layout they would like for their new home - if you're looking for design inspiration and what can be achieved on your site, meet with us and we'll show you a range of pre-designed residential homes that suit a variety of site, size and layout options.

Design input from an architectural practice is not always required or desired. Bray Constructions provide a high quality drafting service that will capably and reliably turn your ideas into a CAD-drawn design along with specifications, ready for construction. Town planning or dispensation applications with council can simply be managed from our office too, which means you will only need to deal with Bray Constructions all the way through your building project.

Document packages provided by Bray Constructions generally include detailed cabinetry and electrical designs as well as tile layouts and window/door schedules, often neglected by our competitors. This eliminates any grey area or uncertainty of what your finished project will look and feel like.

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